magyktrix: Hey, So I'm just wondering. Are these Auditions for the actual Movie?! Thank You :

no, just for an rpg. =)

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Zia, Sadie, Anubis! Where is he!?

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Name: Tabby

Age: 18

How Often Are You On Tumblr: At least once a day.

Sample: You know, having to form an alliance with children was possibly the most embarrassing thing…ever. Sure, they were possessed by gods and all that fun stuff (not even interesting gods mind you, just stupid Isis and Horus and who cared about them?) but honestly, it was just embarrassing. But in the span of embarrassing life moments, Set had a lot of them. In the recent period of time, the most embarrassing thing that had happened, aside from -you know- being defeated by children, was definitely being stuck in a jar.

No, let me rephrase that. Being stuck in a jar because of a Russian -I mean- really? It was bad enough that they were a magician but Russians…first they stole Set’s favourite colour for their stupid little communist nonsense and then they have to nerve to lock Set in a jar? That was just not okay. But….Set could deal with it for the time being. One way or another he was getting out of this damn jar…eventually.

*Please send in character link.

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Name: Caroline
Age: 15
How often are you on tumblr? : almost everyday
Sample Para (optional):

This letter was originally in Portuguese but I give you permission to read it and, of course, translated to English

Mom and Dad

Well, I finally found the place that I was talking about. It’s in New York. Far away from Rio uh? It’s a beautiful mansion and some people live here, some of them are younger than me. See? I told you they’re trustable. 

Brooklyn is a cool place to live. We live near the… East river, if I’m right. Well, I’ve been studying the ways of Thoth and some battle things. I don’t like when we have to fight. I mean, I don’t want to hurt somebody and have some kind of magical police following me.

I miss you two, a lot. I’m going back as soon as possible.



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Name: Amanda

Age: 16

How often I’m On: Way too much.


Anubis was walking the ground of the mortal world. He wasn’t sure what had drawn him there, but he felt a sudden urge to find her. She’d been on his mind for weeks and he tried to ignore it hoping she was alright. Sadie…He thought. He couldn’t quite form an explanation as to why he was looking, but he knew it was important.

“What are you doing, here?” The voice came for behind him. Of course he was too distracted to hear them approach. He turned around to face a man. The man wore a dark robe, covering him from head to toe.

Anubis looked down at the mans feet and realized he was floating. Quickly looking back up, Anubis noticed that in the shadow of the man’s hood his eyes were glowing blue. The man had enough time to say “What are you doing here?” Once more before disappearing. Anubis stood there in shock. He’d never seen the man before in his life, but he definietly was no mortal. Was it a god?

“No, It can’t be a god. I’ve never…” He realized he was talking out loud and shook it off. He turned on his heel and started sprinting. He knew he had to find Sadie soon, or something horrible was going to happen.

Character Link: 

It seems that TWO people have auditioned for Anubis, both at the same time! (This is what we get for whining where the hell Anubis is, Sadie!) And so, dear Sadie, which one? anubisishere or ask-the-jackal (and by the way, ask-the-jackal’s reserve/audition is near the bottom, and anubisishere is near the top. Know what that means?) ?

What do the others think? Carter? Zia?

OH! And since I think my time is a tad bit advance, A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! =D

Anonymous: i can't find the open characters at all. is it me being a derp or is it just not posted yet and i guess by what posts have been done? ouo

Do you mean the page? Or do you mean open characters? If it’s the characters, that’s my fault, because I haven’t found the time this past 2 weeks to go OL (stupid exams). So I really am sorry. =’(

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